We are a legal technologies incubator. Our mission is to provide a platform for technological innovation in the legal industry. 

We believe that the legal industry is one of the largest untapped tech markets in the world. Estimated at nearly $600,000,000,000.00 (yes, with a B), the U.S. legal industry is massive, and unbeknownst to many, still under-served. 

Despite the widespread availability of high-speed Internet and smart phones, there are millions of people for whom legal services are, at least seemingly, unattainable. Expensive, inaccessible, and just plain daunting--many potential (and existing) consumers of legal services loath the process and fear the unknown (bill, that is)--and for good reason. Though time (the mighty billable hour) continues to be the predominant metric used to charge for legal services, not much has been done over the past half a century in terms of legaltech to increase output over time and thereby value for the consumer. In fact, the most dramatic increase in efficiency in the last fifty years occurred when law firms shifted away from typewriters and to word-processors. That little tidbit should start to shed some light on how powerful the legaltech industry will be.  

It is time to shake up the legal industry and we are hellbent on doing our part to help make it happen. We work with entrepreneurs to provide them with the resources, mentors, strategic partners, investors and concept testing platforms to launch their legaltech ideas. We believe that by bridging the gap between the tech and legal industries we can help pioneer innovations that will serve both legal professionals and consumers alike.